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The Centre for Enterprise Development (CED / the Centre), a centre within the Namibia University of Science and Technology, was established in 2000 to facilitate capacity building initiatives for the public, private and NGO sectors.

Project Management (Basic Level)

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Project Management (Basic Level) - Evening Class

From February 01, 2023 17:30 until February 28, 2023 20:30
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Price excluding Tablet will be N$6 500.00

Note: Including a Tablet the price will be N$8 500.00


This practical training has been specifically developed to enhance the performance of staff members such as Office Administrators, Project Coordinators, Project Officers, Project Managers, Donor Recipients, Supervisors, Mid-Level Managers and Senior Manager

Course Fees: Refer to the advert.

Duration: 5 days

Course Objective

Upon completion of this course participants will;

  • Apply  basic project management techniques,
  • Manage time effectively in accordance with project schedules,  project implementation and completion schedules,
  • Use the work breakdown structure (WBS), to ensure the integral scope of project planning;
  • Estimate costs (capital budgeting and control) to compute a project’s estimate at completion (EAC) and variance at completion (VAC).

The course will be covered in 40 hours (5 days or 4 weeks in the evening). Various training methods such as formal lectures will be applied including small and large group discussions, facilitation sessions, case studies, quizzes, questionnaires, practical exercises PowerPoint presentations, Group work, Plenary, practical exercises and group discussions by the participants.
An assessment (test) will be written at the end of the week and participants are expected to attend 80% of all sessions in order to qualify for certification.

On the last day, participants will complete an online evaluation form to assess the quality of training. In many instances the limited time frame of the course does not allow for in-depth discussions. In such cases, the facilitator usually makes it quite clear that participants are welcome to discuss “unsolved” issues during breaks or after the course with the facilitator/trainer.


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