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The Centre for Enterprise Development (CED / the Centre), a centre within the Namibia University of Science and Technology, was established in 2000 to facilitate capacity building initiatives for the public, private and NGO sectors.

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Director's Office

Godwin Chisenga
Godwin Chisenga
CED Director

The Centre for Enterprise Development (CED) is committed to achieve excellence in continuous professional development, ICT training, Vocational and SME development and Research. It assesses the successes of its programs using the high standards of the Namibia University of Science and Technology innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities.  The Centre’s vision of being a premier training arm of the University and promoting innovative entrepreneurial initiatives for industry is a bedrock of its existence.

My Centre’s objectives of imparting professional executive education, combined with fostering innovative thinking, application of knowledge, inculcating professional ethics and consciousness to social responsibilities, are our pride. CED works towards lifelong learning and training to benefit Industry and ultimately Namibia and the world.

I am confident that with the concerted efforts my team continuously put in, will keep scaling the centre to greater heights of excellence in the years to come. The Centre plays a vital role in imparting knowledge to various cadres in industry to meet the demands of the knowledge economy. The core values of integrity, diversity, customer centeredness, accountability and sustainability are all closely integrated into our programmes.  CED has over 23,000 alumni who occupy coveted positions both in Namibia and abroad and are a source of pride and inspiration to us. 

I wish you well as you choose CED to be your partner in skills building and professional development!


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